Shane O’Neill “Shane GOES”

Shane O’neill is a perfect human being. He has been for many years. This part just happens to be the most perfect part released by said human. Although it seems impossible, I still hold out hope that the man will one day release something even better, and we shall all weep in appreciation. Even though this part starts with an immaculate nollie back heel down wallenberg. Shane is the best. I’m not the first person to say this, nor will I be the last. I mean, did you see the part? I don’t think he tick tacks the entire time. I don’t even think this fool readjusts his feet at any point! Calm down though son, the part is very calm. Let the soothing sounds of Beach House take you away. Let the beauty of that switch big spin hypnotize you. Yes, that’s right, you too can do molecularly perfect switch bigspins down triple sets here. We are all Shane O’neill. We are one…

That switch bigspin though.


Alexis Ramirez: SK8MAFIA Video 2016

When someones part starts as heavy as this, you know your in for something special. AR comes out the gate as strong as anyone I’ve seen, balancing a front smith that makes you question physics, front truck noticeable shaking, in a got damn line! Come on now sir. The young man proceeds to kill it for the remainder of the clip and shuts down a video that featured boy wonder Wes Kremer as well as his equally stellar side-kick Tyler Surrey. Ramirez has some serious tall dude stee and an unbelievable confidence on his board, coupled with what appears to be sheer talent, which results in zero sketchy tricks in a part filled with the seemingly impossible. It has all the makings of an all time great. Open with a dude you may have heard rumblings about but haven’t seen much of, and then watch him drop utter destruction for five minutes. The last few tricks are really a treat, but I don’t wanna spoil them here. Except for the absolutely perfect switch 270 front feeble, I’m spoiling that one. Just enjoy, and either buy that DC video or hope someone puts this dudes footage up eventually.

In retrospect this whole article sounds way to calm for his skating, but that’s the kind of vibe Alexis instills. It’s total nuts and there’s dope rap bumping in the background and yet, the whole time you just feel like “oh yea of course he’s got that, why not”. None of it looks that hard for him.

Kyle Walker “No Other Way”

So I can’t figure out how to make an embedded youtube clip start at the time I want, even though wordpress does it so easily with a link, so clock to 7:09 yourself. That’s when Kyle Walker’s part starts. Or don’t. The whole video is dope.

Back on topic, this part got Kyle Walker skater of the year, and I know we had a little discussion about that award just recently but it still matters to some degree. You’ll see why within the first two tricks, and then that understanding will be progressively drilled into your brain for the remainder of the part. This shit is straight hammers. Seriously, the first time I watched it I got right hooked and then stomped out when I was trying to crawl back into my chair. It wasn’t cool, you know, throw some filler in there and let a dude recover. Don’t come at me with trick after mind blowing trick, damn. That kickflip nose manny into nollie a whatever stair jeezus! That one is too fuckin sick it’s so clean! Chill Kyle. Can I call you Kyle? No? Word. I don’t know when people decided that all rails were skateable but Mr. Walker is definitely one of the dudes who’s pushing that envelope. Just watch the part man I’m kinda drunk right now and I ain’t got time for this, I’m bout to go get these clips like my man K-Walks. Triple kinks here I come!

Brian Peacock: Something Sinister

This part made Brian Peacock my favorite skater. I’m not even joking here, but I’ve always been a bit biased to skaters of Asiatic decent as an Asian man myself. Still, this part is the one. Sometimes a dude no one has ever heard of comes out with a part that Snorlax body slams most everything going on in the game at that point. It’s incredibly rare, but when it happens everyone feels it, and that person tends to blow up almost immediately. The classic example is PJ Ladd, and as many people have commented the parts share some similarities. One of the most incredible things about this part, aside from the utterly ridiculous tech wizardry that is being displayed, is the “filler” tricks the Birdman (peacocks are birds, cut me some slack) throws into his lines. I’ve never seen someone make flat ground tricks I have never, and may never do look so easy. You’ll also notice what appears to be a nollie bigger spin. That one is so silly the editor had to change the song because Brian straight flipped into another dimension. These are not tricks you do in lines. Notice the mastery of the coveted spinorama, into grinds, out of manuals, whatever it may be da boy is spinning his way to the top. The tricks in here are hard to comprehend overall; all I really know is that the Barcelona blocks manny spot got assassinated. Never do the tornado spin though, Jamal Smith may come at you for that one.

Oh and of course raw footy! The raw footy for this shit is too amazing to miss.

Wes Kremer

Sometimes an individuals skating just goes with a certain type of music, and no one epitomizes that idea more than Wes Kremer and classic hip hop. Like the boom bap of the early 90s Wes’ skating is equal parts raw and smooth. The big W had been killing the scene for years before this part came out and put the hammer down on the public’s perception of what was possible on dem four wheels. Homie also won skater of the year, although I find awards are less meaningful than the part that got them there. This part is beyond trophy worth anyway, its pantheon worthy, although that pantheon is a discussion for another time. The line at 3:25 made me pause the video and break a board karate exhibition style the first time I saw it. Of course, I then had to spend the next few days rehabing my injured hand but I still feel it was worth it. If this part doesn’t get you hype you might want to check your pulse. Fear not, I’ve already called 911 for you. And hey, when you wake up from the coma you can catch the raw footy and get sent right back.

Bobby de Keyzer

Bobby de Keyzer was a hot ticket item for a minute there, with parts dropping from DC, Habitat, and Converse in fairly short succession (homie got scooped in the great DC purge). Sadly he has been seemingly lost in the infinite content dumpster that is the internet. No longer I say! This part is all class; smooth as silk to the point that you forget to actually pay attention and have to run it back twenty times to remember what happened. Mr. Bobby skates with the rare consistency of a down pillow, soft yet firm, and the whole product has a spacey feel that seeps into your subconscious and makes you want to do elegant bigspins despite the fact that your back 180’s are trash. The driving, repetitive drum line and song complement the skating perfectly, driving you deeper into the madness of beautiful pops and spins. Also, the filming is beautiful, in an unnoticeable way, so shout outs to you filmer man. As a bonus, the raw footage illustrates why every trick is so fuckin perfect, and why sometimes I hate watching amazing people skate.

Cole Wilson: Oddity


Cole Wilson is a name that only recently appeared on the radars of the less informed, yours truly included. After debuting with a few welcome to the team videos, he dropped this part in Foundations most recent production, “Oddity”. Dropped is an understatement. This part slammed into my face like the Nozomi bullet train (shout outs to Japan! Bullet trains are ridiculously convenient, if you have stacks). It’s entirely rails, so if that’s not your thing, WATCH IT ANYWAY. Seriously, I don’t think there’s a single line or switch trick in the entire part. And yet it’s absolutely mind blowing. Mr. Wilson’s ability to flawlessly grind through some of the most outrageous bars anyone has even considered rolling up to is jaw dropping. It is not an understatement to say that many of the tricks performed here would not have seemed physically possible, until you’ve watched them on repeat for five days, bashing the reality into your retinas. I’m still traumatized. Enjoy.