Cole Wilson: Oddity


Cole Wilson is a name that only recently appeared on the radars of the less informed, yours truly included. After debuting with a few welcome to the team videos, he dropped this part in Foundations most recent production, “Oddity”. Dropped is an understatement. This part slammed into my face like the Nozomi bullet train (shout outs to Japan! Bullet trains are ridiculously convenient, if you have stacks). It’s entirely rails, so if that’s not your thing, WATCH IT ANYWAY. Seriously, I don’t think there’s a single line or switch trick in the entire part. And yet it’s absolutely mind blowing. Mr. Wilson’s ability to flawlessly grind through some of the most outrageous bars anyone has even considered rolling up to is jaw dropping. It is not an understatement to say that many of the tricks performed here would not have seemed physically possible, until you’ve watched them on repeat for five days, bashing the reality into your retinas. I’m still traumatized. Enjoy.


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