Bobby de Keyzer

Bobby de Keyzer was a hot ticket item for a minute there, with parts dropping from DC, Habitat, and Converse in fairly short succession (homie got scooped in the great DC purge). Sadly he has been seemingly lost in the infinite content dumpster that is the internet. No longer I say! This part is all class; smooth as silk to the point that you forget to actually pay attention and have to run it back twenty times to remember what happened. Mr. Bobby skates with the rare consistency of a down pillow, soft yet firm, and the whole product has a spacey feel that seeps into your subconscious and makes you want to do elegant bigspins despite the fact that your back 180’s are trash. The driving, repetitive drum line and song complement the skating perfectly, driving you deeper into the madness of beautiful pops and spins. Also, the filming is beautiful, in an unnoticeable way, so shout outs to you filmer man. As a bonus, the raw footage illustrates why every trick is so fuckin perfect, and why sometimes I hate watching amazing people skate.


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