Wes Kremer

Sometimes an individuals skating just goes with a certain type of music, and no one epitomizes that idea more than Wes Kremer and classic hip hop. Like the boom bap of the early 90s Wes’ skating is equal parts raw and smooth. The big W had been killing the scene for years before this part came out and put the hammer down on the public’s perception of what was possible on dem four wheels. Homie also won skater of the year, although I find awards are less meaningful than the part that got them there. This part is beyond trophy worth anyway, its pantheon worthy, although that pantheon is a discussion for another time. The line at 3:25 made me pause the video and break a board karate exhibition style the first time I saw it. Of course, I then had to spend the next few days rehabing my injured hand but I still feel it was worth it. If this part doesn’t get you hype you might want to check your pulse. Fear not, I’ve already called 911 for you. And hey, when you wake up from the coma you can catch the raw footy and get sent right back.


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