Kyle Walker “No Other Way”

So I can’t figure out how to make an embedded youtube clip start at the time I want, even though wordpress does it so easily with a link, so clock to 7:09 yourself. That’s when Kyle Walker’s part starts. Or don’t. The whole video is dope.

Back on topic, this part got Kyle Walker skater of the year, and I know we had a little discussion about that award just recently but it still matters to some degree. You’ll see why within the first two tricks, and then that understanding will be progressively drilled into your brain for the remainder of the part. This shit is straight hammers. Seriously, the first time I watched it I got right hooked and then stomped out when I was trying to crawl back into my chair. It wasn’t cool, you know, throw some filler in there and let a dude recover. Don’t come at me with trick after mind blowing trick, damn. That kickflip nose manny into nollie a whatever stair jeezus! That one is too fuckin sick it’s so clean! Chill Kyle. Can I call you Kyle? No? Word. I don’t know when people decided that all rails were skateable but Mr. Walker is definitely one of the dudes who’s pushing that envelope. Just watch the part man I’m kinda drunk right now and I ain’t got time for this, I’m bout to go get these clips like my man K-Walks. Triple kinks here I come!


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