Alexis Ramirez: SK8MAFIA Video 2016

When someones part starts as heavy as this, you know your in for something special. AR comes out the gate as strong as anyone I’ve seen, balancing a front smith that makes you question physics, front truck noticeable shaking, in a got damn line! Come on now sir. The young man proceeds to kill it for the remainder of the clip and shuts down a video that featured boy wonder Wes Kremer as well as his equally stellar side-kick Tyler Surrey. Ramirez has some serious tall dude stee and an unbelievable confidence on his board, coupled with what appears to be sheer talent, which results in zero sketchy tricks in a part filled with the seemingly impossible. It has all the makings of an all time great. Open with a dude you may have heard rumblings about but haven’t seen much of, and then watch him drop utter destruction for five minutes. The last few tricks are really a treat, but I don’t wanna spoil them here. Except for the absolutely perfect switch 270 front feeble, I’m spoiling that one. Just enjoy, and either buy that DC video or hope someone puts this dudes footage up eventually.

In retrospect this whole article sounds way to calm for his skating, but that’s the kind of vibe Alexis instills. It’s total nuts and there’s dope rap bumping in the background and yet, the whole time you just feel like “oh yea of course he’s got that, why not”. None of it looks that hard for him.